Trams are a terrible idea for South Shields

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I READ with disbelief the article in the Gazette about the council’s intentions to work with Nexus on the creation of a new tram system as part of the 365 plan (or what there is of it).

Was I on my own in shouting indiscriminately and slapping an inanimate newspaper?

Am I correct in assuming this ‘idea’ is a bid to regenerate the shopping crisis? (it’s finished, forget it!).

Surely, anyone should know you should have a shopping venue in mind before you set off on the new tram system?

I can see patrons in the future, getting off the new tram (new health and safety crisis looming there I fear) and thinking “Why the (beeeeeeep) have I come here?

“I already have my library books and a freshly-broken rib thanks to Torville and Dean here!

“I better just get back on this lovely tram and get to Westoe for a game of bingo!”

No wonder Councillor Malcolm decided not to comment!

Stu Holt,


South Shields.