Tunnel is not that good

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The first Tyne Tunnel was completed in 1967 and to my mind it’s dirty and too long.

There are better value and more efficient and tidier tunnels in Britain, which you can get through much quicker.

The opening of the second Tyne Tunnel has eased the burden and stress of the old tunnel as it has helped shorten journey times to South Tyneside by a little bit.

However, the Tyne Tunnel isn’t the best tunnel in Britain to travel through.

 here are better ones elsewhere in the county.

David Nicholson

Team needs our support

This Saturday marks the start of a new era in the history of SSFC.

 I have been a supporter of the club for many years through the good times and some not so good times, but I am very excited about the future.

 On Saturday, we play Darlington 1883 in our first friendly on our return to what is now Mariners Park.

 The whole club is gearing up for a push for promotion and with help and support from the people of South Shields and South Tyneside, I am sure we can get to where SSFC should be.

 So please come along to Mariners Park and support the lads and help get South Shields FC on the map.

 Come on, you Mariners

Bob Scott

Back to old school days

My partner and I run a Facebook page called Barnes Road Schools 1846-1980, where old friends and class mates reminisce about the good times we all had there.

 This year we are organising a reunion, which has so far had an amazing response.

 We have been overwhelmed by how many will be attending but would like to make sure that we reach as many people as possible.

 The reunion will take place in The Cyprus Hotel, Chichester Road, South Shields, on Saturday, August 22, from 7pm to 11pm. There will be band, The Panic Report, entertaining on the evening.

For more details, search for our Facebook page.

Darren Sullivan and

Angela Knowles

Odds not in our favour

So from October Lotto bosses will be adding 10 more numbers to their random ball picking machine, thereby making the jackpot even harder to win – increasing the odds from 14million to one to 45million to one.

 Me thinks doubling the Lotto stake to £2 was bad enough so from October I will stick to betting on horses as the odds of winning will be more in my favour.

 Incidently, during coverage from Royal Ascot a bookie said the most popular bet made by the public had increased from £2.50 each way to £5. Does this mark the end of recession ?

Ken Johnson