Typical view of a Blair-ite

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David Miliband, former MP for South Shields, claims Labour is un-electable under Jeremy Corbyn.

A typical Blair-ite view I’d say.

Mr Miliband gave up his well-remunerated Parliamentary seat to take up a job as head of a charity paying him almost $500,000 per annum. A ‘charity,’ mark you.

He modestly said upon leaving Parliament “one career comes to an end, another begins”.

Being the political representative of Shields’ working class people is a career?

It should be a vocation.

He was parachuted into Shields in much the same way as Mr Mandelson was into Hartlepools – two people with no knowledge or connections to the North East via the Blair-ite control of the Labour Party.

But which of Corbyn’s strategies does he not like?

Re-nationalisation of the railways?

The same for the gas and electricity utilities? Water, the Post Office? Removal of the Bedroom Tax, investing in the NHS, guaranteeing everybody a decent living wage?

Does Mr Miliband, and his rich pals, think we are going once again to vote for and to pay for the excesses of the bankers, corporations and greedy financiers who have lined their pockets at our expense?

Dream on!

Bob Stothard