UKIP can bring change which Jarrow needs

UKIP CANDIDATE ... Steve Harrison.
UKIP CANDIDATE ... Steve Harrison.

I AM very proud to have been selected as the UKIP Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for the Jarrow Constituency.

I consider it an honour to have been chosen to fight this seat where I believe there is a very real chance of being elected as Member of Parliament for Jarrow and I believe this change is sorely needed.

Firstly, while Jarrow is where I was born and raised, I will not forget that the constituency includes Hebburn, Wardley, Cleadon and East Boldon – a fact that seems to pass the current MP, Stephen Hepburn as he seems to barely mention them. 

Secondly, money is spent very unevenly in South Tyneside, something I will question if elected. 

As an MP I will spend at least half of my time in the Constituency, listening to the concerns of the people that employ me. 

I will take a keen interest in local affairs and I will work closely with the local authority.   

The last 40 years have not been kind to people in the Jarrow constituency, with 18 years of Conservative government which ripped the industrial heart out of the region. 

We might have hoped to see things improve when a Labour government was elected in 1997.

But with 13 years of not only a Labour government, but a Labour council too, nothing improved and South Tyneside stubbornly retained the shameful title of the highest unemployment in mainland Britain.

The Labour government that people voted for instead spent their time opening the doors to mass immigration, meaning that rather than relocating to the North to make use of the hard-working people here, companies are free to remain in the south east and instead exploit the endless supply of low-wage immigrant workers.   

Not content with this, Labour went ahead with privatising hospital buildings under PFI and giving away powers that rightly belong to the people to unelected bureaucrats in Brussels. 

The current Jarrow MP, who supported the introduction of university tuition fees and has solidly followed his party line, regardless of how it harms the interests of his constituents, has a below-average record of speaking in Parliament and has only a 61% voting record.

I will not be the same. If elected, I will fight to reverse these problems and put the Jarrow constituency back on the political map. 

UKIP will bring in policies to control immigration, scrap the unfair bedroom tax, keep the NHS free at the point of use and most of all, work to bring jobs to the region through a programme of internal investment in infrastructure and increase skills and social mobility by expanding apprenticeships and creating new grammar schools.

The Conservatives think they can safely ignore Jarrow because the people only vote Labour.

The Labour party think they can safely ignore Jarrow for the same reason. Only UKIP will change things. 

Labour think they are unbeatable in Jarrow, but only 34 per cent of the electorate voted for Labour in 2010. 

That means two-thirds of the people did not vote for Stephen Hepburn.   

We can win, and I believe that we will win.

Steve Harrison,

PPC for Jarrow.