‘Ukip now the official opposition’

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Could I take this opportunity to thank everyone who voted for me in the recent Elections.

UKIP now the opposition

Could I take this opportunity to thank everyone who voted for me in the recent Elections.

 To get 7,583 votes at my first attempt was absolutely fantastic.

 This shows we have something to build on, and that the UK Independence Party is now the official opposition to Labour in South Tyneside.

 Thanks also to my hard-working team, who were really incredible.

Steve Harrison,

By e-mail


Parking bays misused

On Monday, May 10, driving up Station Road outside Asda Hebburn, two traffic wardens were putting tickets on two cars that were in the disability bays.

 This was at at 5.15. Behind the cars was a Royal Mail van with the driver sitting in it.  

 I asked the warden if he was going to put a ticket on the Royal Mail van as it was in the disability bay. His attitude was not that of a traffic warden. I was told by him if I did not move I would get a ticket.

 Well, I am disabled. I’ll take care of him, said this warden.

 I drove away. As I was driving away, the two wardens got in their van and drove off.  

 The Royal Mail van was still in the disability bay the next morning I went down to the Royal Mail at Jarrow to see if this van had been given a ticket. It had not.

 The spokesman for the Royal Mail said to me the the Royal Mail vans were allowed twenty minutes in the disability bays. What rubbish, they are for blue badge holders.

John Welsh,

By e-mail.


Improve our air quality

The UK Government has been found guilty by the UK Supreme Court for breaching the agreed ‘air quality’ levels for 2010, in a case brought by ‘Client Earth’, an environmental campaigning organisation.

 The judgement agreed that the poor level of air quality in the UK was responsible for causing the deaths prematurely of 29,000* people for that year.

 As a result, the UK Government has been instructed to produce plans by end of 2015 for submission to EU.

 The fining process of our Government started in February. and could cost us all £300m.

 Tyne & Wear Public Transport Users Group argues that we need more investment in our public transport systems in order to reduce people’s reliance on private car use.

 If you wish to support our campaigning by leafleting, helping with administration or donating time or money or helping our working group, please contact us by e-mail twptug@phonecoop.coop, or visit our website.

Vicki Gilbert,

Chairwoman TWPTG,