UKIP on a path to nowhere

Readers' Letters
Readers' Letters

COUN Steve Harrison and the UKIP on South Tyneside Council are on a path to nowhere.

The failure of UKIP to adequately represent the people of Fellgate is illustrated by the ‘tarmac tiff’ where they cannot even get the pathways fixed in their ward.

The Malcolm brothers clearly are doing a good job representing their wards.

If the Harrisons cannot convince council officers or other councillors of the needs of their ward, then clearly they are doing a poor job.

UKIP are more extreme right-wingers than the Tories, and that is saying something these days.

It is hostile to public services and if it ever got into power there would be even less money for things like pathways.

Coun Harrison states “We don’t have a party whip”. Well that means whatever a UKIP candidate tells you in their leaflets they may not carry out.

There is nothing binding this bunch of right wing mavericks – only the ‘glory’ of being on the council.

If they cannot sort out pathways, I cannot see them making massive inroads on the council.

Our UKIP councillors are a bunch of opportunists, political chameleons who do not have the capacity to represent our communities’ interests.

Martin Lightfoot,

Dacre Street,

South Shields.