View belongs to the village

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The beauty of our conservation areas often relies on the nice views to be found when walking around them.

One is the tree-lined view from main road (A183) across Whitburn cricket pitch, which has been enjoyed by thousands of walkers and cricket spectators for many years.

Recently a development company, working on behalf of several telecommunications companies, has indicated that it wishes to erect a 66-foot mobile phone mast in the middle of this view.

The company has written letters to immediate neighbours containing details of its proposals, asking for comment.

The letter states that the company is working with the management of Whitburn Cricket Club (WCC) on this development. WCC has a track record of supporting developments in the conservation area opposed by Whitburn village residents. This view, in the heart of the conservation area, belongs to them and the general public, ownership of the ground does not give WCC license to destroy it for purely monetary reasons.

I would suggest that before it proceeds with support for this proposal it consults the people in the village. After all “The Village” named club was donated by and owes its very existence to a local resident whom I am sure would turn in his grave at the prospect of the character and appearance of the ground being totally destroyed by this outrageous proposal.

Whitburn Resident