We all love a bouffage - don’t we?

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Okay, so times marches on and old words fade away when no one uses them anymore – eg bouffage (rhyming with Nigel Farage – an enjoyable or satisfying meal) or agerasia (the quality of not growing old – from the Greek for eternal youth).

Meanwhile, a little trivia question: Was bawley a) a hooligan, b) a game of marbles or c) a boat?

Well, be that as it all may, now I’ve read 6,500 new words have been introduced by the makers of Scrabble to reflect the language used in Twitter, texts and that awful rap music, some of which makes one shudder like a) thanx (thank you), b) obvs (obviously) and c) warbot (any robot designed for and used in warfare).

Also words like wicked or nice have appeared to have taken on a new meaning, for when one last attended Westoe Secondary Boys School, wicked meant morally bad or playfully mischievous, and nice was just pleasant or they made a nice job of it.

Ken Johnson

Mowbray Road,

South Shields.

PS: The meaning of bawley was c) a small single masted fishing vessel peculiar to the coasts of Essex and Kent.