We deserve protection

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Turns out that America is not the democratic free speech loving country it likes the world to think it is.

Donald Trump, like him or hate him, speaks a lot of sense when it comes to the problem of terrorism currently rampant in all corners of the globe.

At last we have a man not afraid to speak his mind on what he thinks should be done to protect the millions of innocent law abiding citizens of the world currently living in fear of mass murdering extremists.

David Cameron would be well advised to take a leaf out of his book.

For too long successive governments have turned a blind eye to what was happening right under their noses, hate preachers spouting their hatred in mosques and on street corners.

Seems like our Government’s obsessive fear of falling foul of the restrictive act of human rights is detrimental to the safety of the people and as such should be looked at again.

Nothing should come before peoples’ wellbeing.

It’s no more than we deserve.

M McArdle