We need to breathe easier

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IF you remember two weeks ago people across the UK with breathing problems, asthma or heart conditions were told to stay indoors. Hundreds and thousands of us.

Why? It was because air pollution was being blown across from Europe, but in addition our own air pollution caused by diesel cars, lorries and industry increased the effect.

UK cities are being annually fined for our self-harm, which is no ‘accident’ but created by road transport and is killing 500 people (Public Health England, 2014) in our communities and families each year, in Tyne and Wear for example, as well as lowering men’s sperm count.

Why are we not more angry at the effect of diesel particulates in our air?

Surely it’s a basic human right to have clean air to breathe.

In Paris drivers were given free public transport on smog days to stop them driving.

Never mind the car parking so many are concerned about, we need to leave cars behind and walk, cycle and use public transport before it’s too late and end up like many private schools in China, with plastic domes over the schools to protect the children.

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Vicki Gilbert,


Tyne and Wear Public Transport Users Group,

St George’s Road,

North Shields,

Tyne and Wear.