What about our own?

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I feel compelled to write to about the migrant crisis.

Why doesn’t charity begin at home with this country?

How can so many people want to take in a migrant when their own kind are homeless and starving?

Why is there not a bit of an outcry about that? Every day something happens in this county, yet it is ignored.

People can’t get to see a doctor, the national health service is going down the pan and yet what will happen, more migrants are coming over.

People can’t get on the property ladder so where are all of these people going?

It’s funny how the Government can put hands on cash for foreign aid but yet have nothing for anything else. People getting benefits cut, workers not being able to manage.

It’s disgusting when so many people in this country think about others when their own are in such a bad state. It’s disgusting that food banks are out there to feed people and volunteers that help.

It wouldn’t be so bad if people were getting treated with respect and dignity in this country, but they are not.

Where are the rights for people in this country?

Will those people wanting to take migrants in, keep them with their own money?

If they feel that strongly about it maybe they should.