What does Nigel Farage know about racial discrimination?

Nigel Farage
Nigel Farage

I SEE Nigel Farage thinks laws preventing racial discrimination should be scrapped as, he claims, racial discrimination no longer exists.

I guess he doesn’t keep close tabs on the kind of remarks made by the members of his own party then.

But really, what an astonishing claim for a wealthy white man to make – as if he would have any notion of what life is like, day to day, for society’s minorities.

Indeed, this comes across as the truest form of vicious bullying – presumably if he had his way, anyone who suffered this discrimination would then face the further insult of being told that, no, they couldn’t have done, because discrimination doesn’t exist.

This is, quite simply, a deeply alarming thing for anyone putting themselves forward as a prospective leader of the country to say.

It looks me to like the proverbial ‘warnings from history’ being ignored.

Jason Scorby,

By e-mail.