When will A1 update start?

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Confirmation from Transport Secretary Chris Grayling that the A1 is to be dualled from Northumberland to Scotland is welcomed.

But forgive me for not getting too excited – there is still no firm timetable for the work to begin.

I appreciate that the work will need to be carried out in stages to minimise the traffic delays but, frankly, just saying that the dualling work “continues to be a priority” is not good enough.

I have been personally pushing for the A1 improvements for many a year, as have many others, and the announcement of a firm date for work to begin is beyond overdue. And I am also keeping an eye on the A19 improvement plans.

All Government departments are under budget constraints and what is a priority today can easily get kicked into the long grass. I shall do my best to ensure this does not happen.

Jonathan Arnott,

UKIP North East MEP