Where does money go?

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So the council wants to charge us to empty our green bin?

Where exactly does our Council Tax go?

We never see police on the beat in our area, we never see street cleaners, the pavements are in a very bad state of repair – broken/uneven paving stones – the roads are full of cracks and potholes, when the council cut the grass they leave clumps of grass everywhere - leaving the place looking scruffy and untidy.

The list goes on, and where, might I ask, did the money come from to modify/refurbish the town hall?

The council are keeping very tight-lipped about that.

They keep blaming the Tory Government for severe cuts in funding – but the money for that appeared mysteriously.

I am a pensioner, and cannot afford to pay the £30 required to get my green bin emptied – and I don’t have a car – so am I supposed to put the grass into a bag and get on a bus to take it to wherever?

Barry Baldry