Why delay abuse inquiry?

Theresa May
Theresa May

THIS Government is determined to delay the historic child abuse inquiry, by whatever means.

Home Secretary Theresa May says it’s hard trying to find the right person to chair this inquiry.

What it appears she means is it’s hard trying to find someone who will paper over all the establishment’s connections in it.

Why does she not pick John Stalker – remember him,the ex police chief from Manchester?

He was brought in to paper over the Government’s collusion in the shoot-to-kill inquiry that went on in Ireland.

Fair play to John Stalker, he left no stone unturned, and his findings went straight to Thatcher’s door in Downing Street.

Sadly, after that, any inquiry where an establishment figure is involved – and this one seems to have plenty –will be whitewashed over.

Suffer little children, or should we say suffer in silence, Mr Cameron.

Ged Taylor,

By e-mail.