Why do we have McNair and Love and Pienaar on contracts.

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Week after week we see the likes of Jan M’ Villa and De Andre Ledlin not signed while youngsters from Man Utd, who are not as good as our own, that Mourinho does not want, bought and given long deals at the club.

To top it all a contract is given to Pienaar, who was a decent player six years ago.

Have we gone back to the director of football lark or is the negative policy on transfers Moyes.

If Ellis Short had any decency, he should offer season ticket holders their money back because they have been well conned.

Allardyce left a side that was beaten only once in the last 14 games, he identified the players he wanted in to augment the spine of the side he left.

Defoe will want out next and I can’t blame him – no supply, no skill and no quality, utter rubbish.

Another long season ahead with relegation a certainty.

Richy Mackem