Why do we need a council tax rise?

Readers' Letters
Readers' Letters

AT a time when everyone is struggling to make every penny count, please could South Tyneside Council explain why it felt the need to increase our council tax?

 The current communication from the Government is that the council tax should be frozen, and some councils have taken this on board, why not South Tyneside?

 All councils are aware of the £275m available to them from the Department for Communities & Local Government that will allow councils to freeze council tax bills for the fifth year in a row. So why has South Tyneside not applied to this fund?

 What possible justification is there for increasing this tax and having people to make cuts elsewhere which they can’t afford?

 To all those councillors who come knocking on our doors telling us how they would change things, if we gave our votes to them – why are they supporting this increase?

 Remember you are there to serve the people of South Tyneside.

Lucas Sheldon,