Why not tackle litter louts?

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As a member of the excellent Haven Point, I bought the Shields Gazette, August 31, which headlined: ‘Left High and Dry.’ I read the two page spread and rang the local authority for an update. I was told the pool, the studios, sauna and steam room were open, with only the damaged gym out of bounds. Apparently only a day and a half of full closure!.

Is this the best the Shields Gazette can do? ‘Families Furious’ – ‘Plans Left in Tatters.’ Women and children frowning and giving the thumbs down! Councillor Lee Hughes not missing the chance of a photo shoot and an unjustified whinge.  If any councillor wants to improve the facilities at Haven Point or, if the Shields Gazette would like to run a campaign, how about targeting the families that leave nappies, discarded food stuff etc. in the changing cubicles of the inadequate free parking in the area and I’ll bet the staffing levels at Haven Point fall short! £16million spent on Haven Point? £16million well spent.

Mr Philip Ahmed,

The Lonnen,

South Shields