Wishing good luck to Corbyn

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So name withheld thinks the event marking the 80th anniversary of the Jarrow March should be held at Beamish Museum and not Monkton Stadium (August 31). O.K. be that as it may, but can recall to mind the mid sixties when working with the Jarrow artist Jimmy Lishman in the offices of Hawthorn Leslie Shipbuilders in Hebburn, who I believe was the inspiration behind the Jarrow March plaque at Jarrow metro station, which marks its 30th anniversary, and that, dear reader, was 50 years ago, so time itself marches on eh!

Anyway if speaking at the Crusade rally on Saturday, October 1 helps Jeremy Corbyn in his leadership battle than I say ‘Good luck to the guy.’

Ken Johnson.

Mowbray Road,