Workers are sold out

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Regarding the EU in/out debate, it is so sad to see the Labour Party and TUC officials siding with the Tories, big businesses and multi-nationals.

Also, of course, their mouth-piece the Confederation of British Industry (CBI).

As for those working class heroes Lord Mandelson, Lord Kinnock and now former TUC boss, Sir Brendan Barber, the least said the better.

Remaining in the EU can only undermine the working class.

Recently the CBI stated that it “remains fully supportive of the free movement of workers within the EU”.

Of course employers wish to remain in the EU. That means there is a massive pool of labour, meaning more workers chasing fewer jobs. To them it makes perfect sense.

The CBI has a shocking record in its historic attacks on workers which has caused untold misery to workers and their families for decades.

Now the leadership of the Labour Party and workers representatives have abandoned workers to the tender mercy of this rich man’s club.

You couldn’t make it up, shame on them.

Andrew Thompson