You're split over Jeremy Corbyn as Labour leader faces challenge

Readers are as split over Jeremy Corbyn as the country was over the EU Referendum, according to our poll.

Monday, 27th June 2016, 2:30 pm
Updated Monday, 27th June 2016, 3:33 pm
Jeremy Corbyn.

The embattled Labour leader has seen a string of resignations from his shadow cabinet and front benches in the past 48 hours in the wake of the referendum result.

Mr Corbyn has hung on, however, appointing loyalists to replace shadow cabinet members who resigned. He has also received backing from grassroots party members and groups including the Durham Miners' Association. Read more.A poll on our site has been neck and neck, at the last check showing 54% in favour of Mr Corbyn remaining Labour leader.

Readers have also had their say on the left-wing leader.

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Commenting on our website, user Jen T said: "The Blairites in the Labour party have engineered this coup. They chose to take this action at a time when the Tories are in disarray because they care more about their own political careers than the party or the working class they are supposed to represent."

Colly said: "The problem isn't necessarily Corbyn, it's the Labour Party attitude to their supporters. People feel the party don't listen to our concerns.

"Even now they're saying if it comes to a leadership election Corbyn will win because the membership are behind him. What they need to realise is that it's the people in the street that elect the government not the membership so listen to the people. The party need to wake up."

Mick Palmer said on Facebook: "If Labour seriously want to become an effective opposition, or even challenge for government at the next election then someone this divisive is not going to move the party forward.

"No matter how much of a calming effect he's tried to bring to the commons, no matter how sensible a lot (not all) of his policies and beliefs are he simply will not sway middle of the road voters, never mind being an alternative for Tory or SNP voters."

Mandy Carter said: "He doesn't play the MPs games, me likes that...only wish some of his policies were different!"