Here's when asthma sufferers could get Covid vaccine - based on severity and medication

People who suffer from severe asthma are to be prioritised for the Covid vaccine (Photo: Shutterstock)People who suffer from severe asthma are to be prioritised for the Covid vaccine (Photo: Shutterstock)
People who suffer from severe asthma are to be prioritised for the Covid vaccine (Photo: Shutterstock)

Calls have been made for greater clarity over when asthma sufferers will receive their Covid-19 vaccination, amid confusion over the priority groups.

A recent update from the Government has said that some people who suffer with severe asthma will be placed into priority group four, while some others with the condition will fall into priority group six.

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Charity AsthmaUK has said it is working with the Government to provide more clarity as to when people with asthma can expect to receive their vaccination.

When will people with asthma receive a Covid vaccine?

People with the most severe cases of asthma will go into priority-group four, which is classed as those who are "clinically extremely vulnerable". Those who fall into this category should have received a letter advising that they shield.

The Government has also said that some people who suffer from asthma will be included in group six, although this is dependent on the medication they take and how controlled the condition is.

Asthma UK said: "For everyone else with asthma, some will be in priority group 6, depending on what medications they take and how well controlled their asthma is.

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However, the charity explains "there is still work to be done to identify who exactly will be in this group" and that "some people under 50 with asthma will be offered the Covid vaccine after the initial nine priority groups, as the purpose of the first stage of vaccination is to prevent deaths from Covid-19".

The charity explains that it is "continuing to work closely with the government to make sure everyone with asthma is supported and is vaccinated at the right time.

"Identifying who should be in group 6 is a complicated process because of the variation in medication people with asthma take, which is why it’s taking some time. However, we are urgently calling on them to provide this information."

According to Omni's Covid vaccination calculator, a person who is aged 30 with asthma who has been asked to shield will be in group 4, whereas someone of the same age who hasn't been asked to shield but who has severe asthma as an 'underlying health condition' will fall under group 6.

Calls for clarity

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Asthma UK and British Lung Foundation chief executive, Sarah Woolnough, reiterated that it may be “hard to accurately identify”exactly those who should fall into priority-group six, but that the Government should ensure people with asthma who are at risk aren’t missed from the vaccination list.

Ms Woolnough said: "We know that many people with asthma are confused about when they will get the vaccine and what priority group they fall into.

"We've been urging the government for some months to provide clarity on this, as we know it's a worrying time for lots of people.

"And we now have more information."

However, Ms Woolnough added: "The government should err on the side of caution in decision-making and cast its net wide when making decisions about definitions, to ensure that people with asthma who are at risk won't be missed."

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