Quiz: can you match the regional words for these foods to the different areas?

It's not unknown that accents and dialects vary greatly throughout the UK, depending on the area you're from.

Whether it's Cockney rhyming slang, Scouse accents in Liverpool, unique colloquial phrases in Yorkshire, or completely different dialects throughout the nation, there is huge diversity in the linguistic map of Britain.

With this comes a multitude of varying phrases, slang words and different names for the same item, ranging from money to clothing to household items.

But it's arguably the subject of food which sees the greatest variety of expressions for the same thing - often changing from one town or region to the next.

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    Just consider the different regional names for a bread roll: teacake, cob, barmcake, bara, bap, breadcake, stotty, softie, morning roll, scuffler...

    We could go on.

    From potatoes to bread to chewing gum, different areas have different terms for the same items of food, some places varying drastically in what they call a particular dish, whilst some regions call certain food items the same name, even if they're located hundreds of miles apart.

    Alongside this, some particular dishes have originated from a specific area of the country and although it may be an item of food eaten more widely, the name given to it is unique to the area which it came from and may be unknown by people who live further afield.


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    So, are you a foodie who really knows their stuff or will you be completely confused by the differing names for British grub around the UK?

    Take this quiz to find out the answer...