‘Super rare’ and ‘vintage’ McDonald’s plastic straws are being listed for thousands on eBay

Opportunistic eBay sellers are trying their luck with the plastic straws
Opportunistic eBay sellers are trying their luck with the plastic straws

McDonald’s' eco-minded replacement of plastic straws with paper alternatives has provoked outrage, with a petition even being started to reverse the decision.

The desire among fast food fans for the plastic straws has led to a rash of opportunistic and optimistic sellers on eBay listing the so-called “super rare” items for thousands of pounds.

One product description reads, “McDonalds Plastic Straw SUPER RARE. Condition is New.

Sellers are encouraging people to sign petition

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    “Brilliant uncirculated brand new McDonald’s straw this is soon to become the stuff of legend, imagine your about 50 years older than you are now, telling your grandchildren how you got given plastic straws from McDonald’s and they will look up to you like god!” Reads one sarcastic listing.

    “And you will turn to them and laugh and say I’m no god, I was alive before the snowflake generation took over!

    “Want to bring them back so you don’t have to spend money on my listing? Then sign the petition below.”

    An ‘investment opportunity’


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    Other listings encourage buyers to get hold of the straws as an “investment opportunity” before they become unavailable.

    There do not appear to have been any takers for the expensive straws so far, although a large number of listings are still active.

    McDonald’s decided to remove the plastic straws from circulation in the UK last year in an effort to reduce waste from its outlets. Previously, the chain’s plastic straw use reportedly amounted to around 1.8 million a day.

    This article originally appeared on our sister site, The Scotsman