Big school reunion planned for former Westoe boys and girls

Westoe school pupils from years gone by.
Westoe school pupils from years gone by.

For the past few years, former pupils at Westoe Secondary Girls School have been meeting twice a year to catch up on old times.

This year, they decided to go one better and have a proper reunion – and having put out feelers, were “inundated” with replies from people wanting to go along.

Now one of the organisers Christine Dorwood (nee Sales) is urging people to snap up tickets for the event which is due to take place at The Armstrong Hall on October 5.

Christine explains the background to the reunion party – which now includes ex-pupils from schools across Westoe.

“Looking at friends’ pictures on Facebook prompted me into organising a ‘small reunion’ to find friends in my year.

“I’m 64 now and often wondered where everyone was.

“For the last few years, a few girls from my class at Westoe have met up twice a year when either Beverley Jones was home from Pittsburgh or Elizabeth Smith was home from Texas.”

Along with Christine, the “little group” consisted of Lynda Bertram, Margaret Walden, Susan Cormack, Arlene Bristow, Lesley Jackson, Linda Bell and Susan Hudson, with the main topic of conversation being how many other ex-classmates could they find.

“So we decided enough was enough and have a proper reunion,” added Christine.

Their problem was tracking down girls who had married and changed their surnames. But help was at hand, from former pupils in years other than Christine’s.

“I had kept in touch with girls from other years, namely Lynn Lucas, Marilyn Charlton, Elaine Dorward and Adrienne Hedley amongst others.

“Lynn and I met over coffee and a laugh, and put out a shout on Facebook to see if any other years were interested.

“We were inundated with school pictures and ended up including all the schools around Westoe - Westoe Infants, Mowbray Juniors, Westoe Girls’ and Westoe Boys’, Westoe Comprehensive, and the Girls’ High School.

“As a result, we went ahead with the reunion, had a poster printed, hired a venue, organised a buffet and entertainment – and now we’re selling tickets.

“Now all we need are more ex-pupils, so we are turning to the Gazette to help.”

Anyone wanting tickets should ring 07415 630662.