Elvis in London? That's Tommy rot

ELVIS Presley fans, brace yourselves for the truth – the King did not set foot on English clay, and he did not meet Tommy Steele.

Elvis did stop at Prestwick airport in 1960, to refuel, and it was only for an hour.

It was not because Elvis did not like England. On the contrary, he loved our country – it was his manager that put a block on a lot of things that Elvis wanted to do.

A lot of British stars tried to impersonate the King of Rock and Roll, and what put more salt into the wound was they did it terribly and then denied it, without realising that they had been recorded doing it, and in such an embarrassing way.

Cliff Richard tried to follow Elvis into movie musicals with a film called Expresso Bongo, in which he played a character called Bongo Herbert, which I think the Americans would have liked.

He didn't do so bad in the film Summer Holiday, but to be fair, it was all Blue Peter stuff. Very likely all the Americans liked about it was the London bus.

It's been claimed recently that Elvis stayed in London with Tommy Steele, with Tommy even taking him to see the Houses of Parliament.

If that had happened, it would have been scattered all over the front pages of the London news.

Maybe the reports have been garbled, and it was Jarrow Elvis that Tommy met.

It is known that Billy Fury met Elvis in 1962, and so did Peter Noone of Herman's Hermits, who spoke to him in America in 1965.

Tommy Steele did try to change his ways by studying the musicals too.

which he didn't do so badly for a cockney, but how do you get someone to sing in musicals when they pronounce 'bull' as Little White Buw?

Tommy used to entertain passengers while cruising around the Mediterranean. He was a steward on a passenger ship.

He would entertain by singing and shaking his shaving brush hairstyle.

He didn't profess to be a singer – it was more the way he danced with that cheeky boy smile that got the passengers all het up.

Elvis never came to London because his manager Colonel Tom Parker was not allowed to leave America as he was classed as an illegal immigrant, which put Elvis in a bad spot.

That is really all I can say about the so-called meeting by two top entertainers and it is all I can answer to the phone calls from Elvis fans, but I wouldn't worry too much about it – just sit back and listen to the music, for after all, it was all done for you.

I have also been asked where Jarrow Elvis is appearing next.

Well, from what I heard he was entertaining at a residential home in Jarrow and there is no cover charge.

And for Elvis fans around the country, Graceland estate has no records of Elvis meeting Tommy Steele in London, or any other cockney for that matter.

I do think there is a Tommy Steele impersonator in Oldbury near Birmingham, for I was on the bus down there and I saw a big advertisement which read: 'There is nothing better than Birmingham Steel.'

I was all shook up.