More memories of Woodbine Street’s pubs

Cookson Country
Cookson Country

WELL there you go, it was only one of five pubs that fronted onto Woodbine Street in Shields and no sooner have we left it than we’ve fallen into another of them.

This goes back to the picture earlier in the week of the old Woodbine Hotel, which stood behind Ocean Road.

The piece interested reader Ray Collins, whose mum, Dora Collins, I learn, worked as a barmaid at the pub for many years.

Says Ray: “We lived across the road in Alma Street. My auntie and uncle lived behind The Woodbine in the prefabs.

“On the opposite corner to the view in the photo was a pub called The Lord Nelson.”

Ah, the Lord Nelson. We’ve come across that before. In its day, it was famous for its parrot, Bobby, who I remember a reader telling me was partial to an apple gowk pushed through the bars of his cage.

I’ve also been trying to work out what the other three pubs were that had frontages on Woodbine Street. I can think of one, but hesitate to say in case I’m wrong.

Besides, I dare say that there are a few old regulars out there, still, who know better!