South Tyneside corner shops were at the heart of the community

They may have been on the street corner but shops of that name were very often at the very heart of the community.

By Peter French
Thursday, 9th May 2019, 10:05 am
Wenlock Road shops in December 1955.
Wenlock Road shops in December 1955.

And readers were keen to recall their memories of such shops, and in particular those in Wenlock Road, South Shields, when we posted a picture of a parade of stores there on the Gazette’s Facebook page.

Angela Davies posted: “I worked in this shop in the 80s when it was a newsagent. Loved it when the old dears come in from the home for newspapers and sweets” while Fi Angela makes mention of the “newsagents, wool shop, Liptons and the post office (early 80s). Great memories.”

Pupils and teachers from Hedworthfield Comprehensive before leaving for their exchange trip to Wuppertal and Remscheid in Germany in October 1987 .

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Joanne Robson took to social media to say: “Loved these shops, always in the newsagents getting my sweets before going to my grandparents” while Anne Newby told how “I used to be a paper girl in early 60s when it was Goudies.”

Maureen Davison also had a connection to the shop, saying: “I used to work there as a weekend girl when it was a paper shop.”

Jean Drummond responded by saying: “I think that was Goudies.”

The “handy” shops there also brought back memories for Leanne Ferriday who emailed: “I remember the wool shop, mam always went there for patterns for baby stuff and I got lpads of cross stitch stuff.”

Agnes George recalled: “Goudies newsagents and the aunty who had the wool shop next door” while.

David Word explained how: “My dad was in partnership with Audrey and Billy Muncaster, the shop opposite the care home.”

Kate Crookston How clean and tidy everywhere looks

Michelle Whale spoke of a “great old photo” while Barry Feetham described the shops as “nice and handy”.

As well as comment there a number of questions from readers.

Susan Witts-Shaw asked: “Was there a shop on the other side in Wenlock Road?” while Michael Smith wondered: “Is that where the pharmacy and Sainsburys is now?”

Meanwhile, another old Gazette photograph attracted the attention of lots of other Facebook-users.

It showed a party of 60 Jarrow children pictured as they left home for a trip to Germany in 1988.

One of them was Craig Stephenson who said: “I’m on this photo. I recognise a few other Hedworthfield faces too” while Kieran Allsopp explained that: “I’m at the back with the horns on my cap.”

Wendy Bird said: “I went with Perth Green Youth club to Tubingen, in Germany about 1972. Stayed with Birgit Stabenows family. Christine Traynor stayed there too. My old mate Kath Murphy was on the trip too. Happy days!”

Terri Gall took to social media to say: “I went in 1983 and they returned in 1984” while Janine Williamson told how “I did it many times to Epinay sur Seine, in France. My cousin took part in the Wuppertal one.”

Howard Lydon revealed: “I was in the group in 85 and 86” while Dave Emmerson told how “I did one to France about 1968/69 time” and Martin Brown spoke of the time “I was with the group in 1987”.

When travelling to Germany or France, how many of you spoke the language?

Although French (and later German) was taught in most secondary schools on South Tyneside, many pupils were only too happy to drop the subject when they were given the choice. Yet speaking to some readers, quite a few regret not sticking with it. Were you one of them?