Wedding memories from South Shields Grosvenor Rooms days

Wedding receptions are among those special occasions that few of us ever forget.

By Peter French
Thursday, 23rd May 2019, 9:58 am
The "brightened up" exterior of Grosvenor Rooms in Woods Terrace in  November 1971 .
The "brightened up" exterior of Grosvenor Rooms in Woods Terrace in November 1971 .

So when we featured a photo on the Gazette’s Facebook site of the “brightened up” exterior of the Grosvenor Rooms in Wood Terrace, South Shields, in 1971 – the venue for many such celebratory times – the memories came flooding back for thousands of online readers.

Eileen Ferguson posted: “I had my wedding reception there in 1977” while Ang Werndly told how “I had my wedding reception there in 1974”.

Asda staff from Ocean Road, South Shields store receiving awards for giving good customer service in April 1994 . They are Tricia Heselton, Mandy Hutchinson, Norma Liddle, Sylvia Lamb, Tina Barker and Gillian Hensan.

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Adrienne Arthur took to social media to say: “I had my wedding reception there in 1983. If I remember right it was £7.50 a head for the main do and £1.50 a head for the evening disco/buffet! Mrs Parker was in charge then.”

Nelsie Crumbie spoke of a “lovely day” there, “adding “I thought the service and the food was lovely” while Linda Richardson explained that she “went to Colin and Karen Ford wedding reception there. It was a lovely day. How many years ago was that Karen?”

Sandra Douglas spoke of “very happy memories, I had my wedding reception there in 1983” and Yvonne Hannah said: “We had our wedding reception there May 1975.”

Others to make mention of their wedding receptions included Jean Farthing (“day and night was fab, 22nd Jan 1977”); Tracie Crumbie (9/5/87); Shelagh Hare (1977) and Sharon Elizabeth Scott (in the 70s).

Linda Wardle said: “My memories are of my mam, silver service waitress when weddings were on, she would come home with sandwiches cakes, the lot xxx” while Sharon Lynch revealed how “I worked there as a Saturday girl waitress in the early 80s”.

Kim Galbraith got in touch to say: “I also worked there as a waitress 1974-1975 I think” while Trish Graham Middleton took to Facebook to say: “My nana worked here in the 70s.”

Alan Ray told how the building “became D’Ambrosies, Danniel was the chef, the Greek waiter, can’t remember his name, happy days. Continental glass had their Christmas parties there, upstairs” while Micky Davidson said: “I remember when Ronny D’Ambrosie had it” and Anne Ray said: “Think this was a lovely Italian restaurant.” Lorraine Thompson recalled attending “relatives’ wedding reception upstairs. Yes it was an Italian restaurant at one point but I didn’t ever visit that.”

Lynne Downey revealed that: “Mrs Parker moved from the Linden Rooms at the Nook to the Grosvener Rooms when the Blind Institute closed. I was a part-time silver service waitress there for wedding receptions etc in early 1970s.”

Barry Feetham added: “This was South Shields Blind Institute. My aunt and uncle were live-in caretakers. Their names were Rya and Fred McAarther. When the Institute closed, Grosvenor Rooms took over. From there, they opened a new social club for the blind at Peoples Place, Derby Terrace. A few years ago now.”

Paul Gray explained how: “My grandmother was Secretary of the Women’s Royal British Legion and they used to have their meetings there” while Mark Flett told how he “loved that row of houses, as a kid, said to myself, I’m going to buy one of those houses, still might”.

Meanwhile, a photo showing staff at Asda in South Shields receiving their good customer service awards in 1994, also prompted many readers to get in touch.

Alison French Adamson said: “Great bunch of lasses, good old days at the old Asda on Ocean Road” while Andrew Lamb spoke of “Fab photo and memories”.

Carol Richardson put names to the faces, saying: “It’s Trish Hessletine, Mandy Hutchinson, Norma Liddle, Sylvia Lamb, Tina or Tanya and Gill Henson” while Tracy Parker added: “Trisha, Mandy, Norma, Sylvia, Tina and Gill.”