'It will always be the Stadium of Light' - what Sunderland fans said over 'talks' to rename football ground

Two-thirds of Sunderland fans are against renaming the Stadium of Light, according to an online poll.

Wednesday, 10th April 2019, 3:01 pm
Updated Wednesday, 10th April 2019, 3:04 pm
Crowds at Sunderland v Ajax as the Stadium of Light opened in 1997.

More than 1,000 SAFC supporters took part in the online vote by the Sunderland Echo and Shields Gazette to reveal whether or not they backed the idea of renaming the Black Cats' home - with 68% rejecting the idea.

It was revealed on Tuesday that "discussions are ongoing" regarding the potential renaming of the Stadium of Light, which opened in July 1997.

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Commenting on our Facebook pages, some argued that it would "always" remain the Stadium of Light to fans, regardless of any new name - and that any additional money coming in to the club is something to be celebrated.

Others called on club bosses to "leave it alone" or consult with the fans before any decision is made.

Here is how you reacted on social media:

Fans in the stands at the Stadium of Light opening.

Ann Stuart-Heath: "I'm all for it if it brings in extra money. Roker Park is our soul, the Stadium of Light is where we hang our hats for a couple of hours every other week. It will always be called the SoL by the supporters anyway."

Philip Amatt: "Call it whatever you like. Let the club take the sponsor money. It will always be the Stadium of Light to the fans."

Frank Morris: "No, the name is in honour of all miners. The site is the old Monkwearmouth Colliery site."

Anthony Hudson: "If you're gonna change it then just call it Roker Park."

Taking to the pitch at the Stadium of Light to celebrate.

Chris Whitehead: "I've said it for years that they should look for a sponsorship deal for the SoL. Brings extra money into the club which is always a good thing."

Darren Stephenson: "Only fools would think this is a bad idea just look at other clubs who have sold their naming rights."

Phill Tee: "The SoL is hardly a name synonymous with our history is it. If it means more money to build a successful team then they can sell the naming rights to bathroom suppliers and call it the toilet bowl as far as I'm concerned."

The stadium opening in 1997.

Neil Foster: "If it's financially beneficial then yes rename it. If we are winning games in the stadium I'm not bothered what it's called!"

Christopher Barker: "Think it would be a PR disaster if they didn't consult the fans on this first."

Marc Hope: "I'd be up for changing it but not to a company."

Sean Connelly: " Not a great name anyway. Think of how much money we have missed out on over the last 20 years, could have been the difference between success and where we are now."

Christopher Cooke: "If it's a good deal financially and the name isn't ridiculous, then why not! Fine by me."

Bryan Ridley: "Leave it alone these owners will be gone in few years, we will be still supporting our clu