Newcastle boss John Carver defends Nigel Pearson over ‘ostrich’ outburst

OUTBURST ... Nigel Pearson.
OUTBURST ... Nigel Pearson.

NEWCASTLE United head coach John Carver has defended Leicester City manager Nigel Pearson following his outburst at a journalist last night.

Pearson rounded on a reporter after he objected to a question asked following Leicester’s 3-1 defeat to Chelsea.

He called Ian Baker, of Wardles Press Agency, an ‘ostrich’, and went on to label him ‘very, very silly’, ‘absolutely stupid’ and ‘daft’ before abruptly ending his press conference.

Pearson apologised for his outburst today, but Carver has defended him, and compared himself to the Leicester boss.

When asked if he could understand where Pearson was coming from, Carver said: “Absolutely. He’s exactly the same as me.

“He wears his heart on his sleeve and I can understand why he loses his temper with journalists, because it is sometimes frustrating.

“They did extremely well against a top side, and it’s a bit unfair the criticism he got last night. He doesn’t deserve that. He’s done an excellent job.

“Four games ago, they weren’t in with a chance of staying up, and he deserves a lot of credit because they were dead and buried.

“He’s turned that around and it was a bit unfair the criticism he got last night.”