Amanda Staveley explains THAT curry house meeting with Newcastle owner Mike Ashley

Amanda Staveley
Amanda Staveley

Amanda Staveley has explained her infamous curry house meeting with Newcastle United owner Mike Ashley.

Would-be buyer Staveley, Ashley and mutual friend Richard Desmond, a newspaper publisher, were photographed leaving a London restaurant last month.

Mike Ashley

Mike Ashley

And news of the meeting raised hopes on Tyneside that a deal to sell the club was close.

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However, Ashley this week walked away from talks with financier Staveley.

As indicated by sources close to Ashley, it wasn't a formal meeting, and Staveley has revealed that it was set up by Desmond.

“The famous curry house is the only time I’ve met Mike,” Staveley told The Times. “It wasn’t a formal meeting, and it was arranged by Mr Desmond. Mike was engaging and interesting. I enjoyed his company.”

Photographs of the trio leaving the Hampstead restaurant were not published in a newspaper owner by Desmond.

Instead, they first appeared in The Sun. Had Staveley – who was pictured smoking a cigarette – arranged for a photographer to be outside?

“I would never had done that,” said Staveley. “If I had, I certainly wouldn’t have been pictured smoking.

"I hadn’t had a cigarette for years. My dad nearly killed me. There has been a lot of miscommunication through the press, but that’s not my fault. This is football.”

Staveley says her £250million bid for the club, which was put up for sale by Ashley in October, "remains on the table".