'Believe it when I see it, keep protesting!': Newcastle fans react to news Mike Ashley will slash asking price

Newcastle United fans have been quick to react after news broke that Mike Ashley is prepared to lower his asking price.

As exclusively revealed by the Shields Gazette this morning, the Newcastle United chief is prepared to lower his asking price closer to £300million as he looks to force through a deal to sell the club.

Newcastle United fans have reacted to Mike Ashley's decision to slash prices

Newcastle United fans have reacted to Mike Ashley's decision to slash prices

The news could prove key to securing a long-awaited takeover at St James's Park, but Newcastle fans are remain sceptical for the time being.

Here's how they reacted on social media:

@The_sand_dancer: "We've heard all this time and time again. I can't see him selling and next season we'll be playing championship football with a yes man of a manager. It's a sad state of affairs when I'd rather watch south shields play then Newcastle"

@shawt1947: "If he does reduce the price, it will be at a cost elsewhere, advertising contracts heavily in SDs favour etc... we'll be stuck with this money grabber for decades."

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@Patricia_Rants: "Until it’s signed, sealed and delivered not going to believe or live in hope."

@GeordieAhmed: "It's just lies, he's done this so many times. It's his tactic of getting the fans to back down. 10 years and the club has been for sale on and off, with the price being dropped at various times. He's a liar."

@Michael_Dunn4: "Why would he sell? Easy money through tv rights, PL payment, advertisements etc + I’m sure he gets off on pissing off fans."

@TheHonestJohns: "Can’t see it. We need to increase the pressure on SD."

@Harry_NUFC5: "Nope not true. Continue protesting."

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@nefoster5: "Believe it when I see it."

@OneESC: "More deflection...no closer to selling than previously."

@TheMightySteve: "So back to where we were 9 months ago when Mandy put a bid in..."

@The_Looney_Toon: "He just wants the protests and social medical stuff to calm down"