‘Desperate’ John Carver has another go at Mike Williamson over sending off

Mike Williamson
Mike Williamson

John Carver has reiterated his belief that Mike Williamson deliberately got sent off against Leicester City last season.

Carver was scathing of the central defender after he picked up two bookings in a crunch game as the club battled against relegation last season.

Carver, who was in charge of the team after Alan Pardew’s exit, has had time to consider his comments since, but has refused to back down and apologise to the player.

And astonishingly, he said he had a go at Williamson because he was ‘desperate’ and that he felt Toon fans deserved ‘honesty’.

“I still believe he meant to do what he did and I’ve spoke to him since,” Carver said.

“I was wrong to come out publicly and have a got at him because it’s not the done thing.

“But what I will say is what you’ve got to realise is that there was something like four games to go and I was in a desperate situation. I tried bringing in motivational speakers, tried doing all the team bonding things and I was looking for something to stir the hornet’s nest.”

Carver was challenged on Goals on Sunday by host Ben Shepherd over his ‘naivety’ in front of the cameras, including his infamous claim that he was the best coach in the Premier League.

“I was too honest,” Carver claimed. “I think Newcastle fans deserve honesty and straightness and I think I gave them that but to my detriment. I think it backfired on me with that particular incident (Williamson).

“I’ve been in situations where I’ve heard fans have a go at managers because they don’t come out and tell the truth and I thought on this occasion I would tell the truth because I’m one of them.”