It’s a sad situation when you can’t give away a Newcastle ticket to watch Liverpool

Newcastle fans celebrate after the win over Liverpool at St James's Park
Newcastle fans celebrate after the win over Liverpool at St James's Park

There it is, the overall team performance that we all knew was there.

The fight to chase every ball down, closing down players, filling the gaps and most importantly a sense of passion and self belief.

But was it a case of playing up to the Sky cameras against a Premier League ‘big boy’ like we have all witnessed before?

The dread was widespread amongst the fans before kick off, and rightly so.

Jurgen Klopp’s Liverpool have been coasting through games, so no one gave Newcastle a fighting chance after pitiful performances against Leicester and Crystal Palace, but just in true Newcastle United fashion we shock the footballing world by putting Liverpool to the sword.

Typically, it would be the one game this season that I couldn’t make.

My ticket was there up for grabs and I kid you not, I couldn’t give it away despite my best attempts.

It’s a horrible sight seeing empty seats around St James’s Park so I really didn’t want my ticket going to waste, but unfortunately not one of my friends or family wanted to take it off my hands, and I couldn’t blame them as most people expected yet another devastating.

It makes me worried about the future of the club at the minute. The young lads and lasses just don’t seem to be interested in going to the game, they don’t get excited about seeing their ‘heroes’ on the pitch.

It truly is a sad situation.

Newcastle still remain in the relegation zone after that crucial victory, just one point ahead of Sunderland but a mere three points away from 13th spot.

Next up is another tough game away to Spurs, but which side will turn up? The hardworking one we witnessed at the weekend, or the uninspiring one that fell apart at Palace.

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