'It's tragic!': Newcastle United fans respond to major takeover update

Newcastle United fans are refusing to get excited after fresh takeover reports emerged – with Peter Kenyon and GACP Sports eyeing a deal.

Peter Kenyon is again eyeing a deal for Newcastle United
Peter Kenyon is again eyeing a deal for Newcastle United

But fans are remaining skeptical having seen plenty of false dawns in the past – here’s what they were saying on social media:

@Math_Smith said: “Nobody believes it. Why would you pay £300M for a club that will be worth less than half of that next season?”

@NUFC_Oscar86_ commented: “Easy, look at what it’s generating... publicity! These type companies it’s all they crave when starting a business. It’ll be nothing but that always is.”

@Burpax tweeted: “It costs about £15 to register a company. It’s like saying I’m about to buy a Ferrari because I bought a Ferrari key ring.”

@heatonjake1892 posted: “Point blank refuse to get excited till it’s done this time”

@andymason1986 said: “Hahaha trying to get a few tickets shifted for Sunday are they? Kenyon hasn't got the money end of”

@NUFCAzmi commented: “I like Peter Kenyon based on his past work.Think he is exactly what nufc need.Will transform the club on & off. The proposal also sounds fair.Hope he shallows his pride, concede he failed and take it and run away.”


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@applesucker tweeted: “Am I being picky by saying I don’t want this to happen? The transfer kitty sounds underwhelming and their PowerPoint is tragic. We can do better.”

@JMAG1892_2 posted: “I'm setting up a company because I'm coming for yours. Means nowt in the grand scheme of things but it's the first step in any purchase. I think the only good thing is they were setup in the US so proves it's not someone on the wind up.”

On Facebook, Brian Rankin said: “Amazing how one outsider can cause so much pain on us Geordies. Won’t it be great when we can be proud of our beloved football team again!”

Michael Reeve argued: “Always said, what makes fans think the next owner's are going to be any better than Ashley “


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Gayle Ridley added: “So he’s a billionaire but wants to purchase the club with instalments...”