John Carver: I’ll have no regrets whatsoever if Newcastle go down

John Carver
John Carver

Newcastle United head coach John Carver insists he will have no regrets even if his side are relegated from the Premier League today.

Carver’s reign in charge of the Magpies has been disastrous, with just one point from the last 10 games seeing them freefall to the edge of relegation.

The Magpies take on West Ham United at St James’s Park knowing they must match Hull City’s result against Manchester United if they are to survive.

Carver’s tenure has been beset with controversy, ill-discipline and poor tactics since he took over from Alan Pardew.

Nevertheless, asked if he would have any regrets on Sunday evening regardless of the outcome, he replied: “None whatsoever, none whatsoever.”

“I’m definitely a stronger person and better for it, without a shadow of a doubt, and whatever happens after Sunday, I’ll be better for it one way or the other.

“If I had the chance again starting again, I would do exactly the same. I’d say, ‘Yes, I want this job. I’ll do it my way’.

“I would just like to think that I would just have a little bit more rub of the green and a little bit more luck.

“The one thing I have done, I have thrown every single minute of the day into this job. I have sacrificed so many different things.

“I have sacrificed my family life, my social life – but I don’t mind that because I understood how big this job was.

“But it’s very, very difficult when you are making all those sacrifices and taking the abuse you are taking. But I’d do it again.”