John Carver tells his Newcastle players to relax – by watching wrestling!

John Carver
John Carver

John Carver’s told his Newcastle United players to grapple with anything other than football on TV this week.

The club’s head coach wants his squad to switch off when they leave the training ground – and stay off social media and the internet.

And Carver – whose 17th-placed side must beat West Ham United at St James’s Park on Sunday to be certain of Premier League survival – has suggested wrestling as an alternative to football.

“It’s come to this and we have to deal with it – but I’m looking forward to the challenge that this week will bring,” said Carver.

“I have enough players in that room who realise what this game means. I’m expecting the big players to step up and perform.

“We have to win the game. If we win, we take care of our own business. Winning is our only thought.

“I’ve told the players to keep playing and watch wrestling or something – but not football.

“This is not about me now, it’s about this football club and staying in the Premier League.

“No second chances now. This is the final game of the season, and it’s all about this one game.”