Mike Ashley reveals whether he thinks he can sell Newcastle

Mike Ashley, centre
Mike Ashley, centre

Mike Ashley says he would sell Newcastle United – if he could find a buyer.

Ashley has spoken about his 10-year ownership of the club in an interview with Sky Sports

It was revealed earlier this summer that Ashley was willing to sell at the right price.

However, Ashley does not believe he will find a buyer.

"If somebody would like come along and take this seat and fund Newcastle with a nought on the end with their wealth more than me, I will not stand in Newcastle United's way," said Ashley.

"One of the reasons I'm doing this interview is that I don't think you'll find there's many people out there who will actually stand up and do it.

"I think we're going to be together a good while longer and we've got the man in Rafa and let's hope that we can generate some funds and we give him some chance to get some building blocks going over the coming years."

Ashley is adamant that the club must generate its own funds.

"I've put my £250million into the football club," said the billionaire. "Guys, that's it. There's no more from me. Now the club has to generate it's own money."