Newcastle ‘don’t care about anything’ claims Jonas Gutierrez

Jonas Gutierrez
Jonas Gutierrez

Jonas Gutierrez has again hit out at Newcastle United over the way he was released by the club.

Gutierrez, and team-mate Ryan Taylor, was told in a telephone call by former head coach John Carver that they wouldn’t be getting new contracts.

And the Argentine said that after seven years of service to the club, he deserved to be told face to face.

Gutierrez said: “JC (Carver) called Ryan and first he spoke to him and then Ryan passed the phone to me and he told me they won’t going to offer me a new contract.

“To be honest, I didn’t expect they would give me a new contract. The only thing I didn’t like was the way because I had been there seven years, always been professional and tried my best.

“Man to man, face to face is the right thing to do and more honest.

“The only 18 months I didn’t play was because I was going through my illness.

“Maybe they could have told me before the end of the season so I could say thank you to the fans on the pitch after the last game.

“It makes me feel they don’t care about anything.”