Newcastle fans are ‘bigger liars’ than Sunderland supporters when it comes to escaping the wife to watch the match – survey

Sunderland fans celebrate.
Sunderland fans celebrate.

Sunderland fans are more honest than Newcastle supporters, according to a new survey into soccer liars.

The study for found that only 16 per cent of Sunderland fans said they would lie to their spouse to catch a game compared with 25 per cent of Newcastle supporters.

The survey revealed that Stoke City supporters are the most honest in the Premiership while Bournemouth fans are the biggest liars.

The study for found only 10 per cent of Potters fans were prepared to lie to their spouse to watch a game compared with almost two thirds of supporters of the newly promoted south coast club.

Bournemouth fans were by far the biggest liars in the country well ahead of Manchester City in second place with four in ten fans, 41 per cent, happy to lie to their other half if it meant seeing a game.

Their Manchester United neighbours are generally a more honest lot with only 23 per cent prepared to tell an untruth to their partner even if it meant missing a match.

Down south 28 per cent of Arsenal fans were willing to tell their spouse a bare faced lie if it meant they could watch a match compared with just 25 per cent of Chelsea fans and only 13 per cent of Spurs supporters.

Just over a fifth, 22 per cent, of Liverpool fans were happy to tell porkies compared with more than a third, 36 per cent, of Everton supporters. commissioned survey company OnePoll to talk to 1,000 Premiership fans who were either married or in long term committed relationships.