Peter Beardsley reveals what one of the club’s rising stars must do to become a hero at Newcastle

Peter Beardsley
Peter Beardsley

Victor Fernandez could be a star in the making at Newcastle United, but youth coach Peter Beardsley says the second string prospect still has a lot to learn.

The Spanish speedster has impressed for the Magpies Under-23s this term, having only arrived from UE Cornella in his homeland in February.

He has a lot to learn. The end result is all that matters

He may be slight, as well as young at just 18, but his pace and ability to drift past a man has not failed to make him stand out at reserve level.

However, Beardsley has a word or two of warning for the kid.

“He has a lot to learn,” said former England international Beardsley.

“He is a good kid and I don’t want to be negative.

“The more he comes inside he will get tackled.

“Get one on one and beat your man and get the cross in.

“The end result is all that matters.”

Wingers and creative players are the most substituted starters on the planet, according to Beardsley.

Those who manage to last the longest on the park are those who do more than dribble, they have to have an end product.

Beardsley, who has been playing young Fernandez off the left-hand side, continued: “We have had millions of players in the world who dribble, dribble, dribble.

“Wingers are the most subbed player in the world - 99% of the time in games wingers are subbed.

“They have to have an impact on the game.

“He is a lovely kid but he has to have an impact on the game.”