Rafa Benitez reacts to the huge banner made by Newcastle fans in his honour

Newcastle United manager Rafael Benitez.
Newcastle United manager Rafael Benitez.

Rafa Benitez told of his pride at the latest banner made in his honour by Newcastle United fans.

A huge banner was unveiled in the Gallowgate end before yesterday’s home game against Liverpool, which ended 1-1.

Written in Benitez’s native Spanish, it translates as: “We will follow you everywhere, we’ll always have your back. In spite of the lies they tell us, we’ll never doubt you. We are with you.”

Benitez was asked about it after the Premier League game.

“The banner said they support me, they will be with me and they trust me,” said former Liverpool manager Benitez, who was also warmly applauded by the visiting fans.

“I was really pleased because, the relationship is very good and it was with both fans, so I’m very pleased.

The banner said they support me, they will be with me and they trust me. I was really pleased, because the relationship is very good.

Rafa Benitez

“It is not what you are expecting when you go to a club, but if you give everything they fans give you everything.

“It is not just me, it is the way they are behind the team they give the team an extra 5%.”

The result left the club in ninth place with 10 points ahead of the two-week international break.

Benitez, however, feels his team could have been even higher up the table with a bit more luck.

“If you had asked me at the start of the season if I was happy with this, maybe I would have said yes,” said Benitez.

“But now, we have had two games that we lost that we deserved more.

“It could have been an even better start, but I don’t want to be greedy, so I will take what we have got.”