Rafa Benitez reveals why he believes Newcastle will only get stronger in the Premier League

Rafa Benitez
Rafa Benitez

Rafa Benitez has revealed why he feels Newcastle United will get stronger game by game this season.

Benitez was disappointed to lose out on a number of transfer targets earlier this summer – and he went public with his frustrations in pre-season.

United have since signed a number of players, including Joselu.

Promoted Newcastle take on Huddersfield Town this afternoon looking for their first points of the new Premier League campaign.

And Joselu, signed from Stoke City this week, could make his debut at the John Smith's Stadium.

Asked if he had had to lower his sights this season after missing out on key targets, Benitez said: “I'm analysing my squad and analysing the other teams also, and I have more or less the same idea that I had before.



"It depends on how we will work during the season.

“The difference between seventh and eighth was about 15 points last year, so there was a big gap between seventh and eighth and a pot of teams in the same pack, the same group.

“If you do well, you can be here (indicating the top of that group) and it will be a fantastic season, or you can be here (indicating the bottom of the group) doing more or less the same. Maybe a couple of games can make a big difference.

“We have to be sure that we have this feeling and this conviction that we need to keep going until the end.

“I told you last year we finished strongly. We won three games at the end in a row and we were champions, so this year if we make a couple of mistakes and we lose some games in a row, and everybody is panicking, we have less chance to achieve what we want to achieve.

"If you are calm and you keep working, then I'm sure in the end we will be stronger and stronger.

"Does stronger mean that we can be in the top four? No, I'm not saying that.

“What I am saying is that we can compete with any team at the end of the season if we do what we have to do because tactically we will be stronger, we will have more confidence, we will know each other much better, so all these things.

“It's a question of keep working every single day and at the end, it will be automatic and the things you are trying to do will be there.”