Richard Keys: Mike Ashley is taking mickey out of Newcastle fans - they must boycott

Mike Ashley, Newcastle United owner
Mike Ashley, Newcastle United owner

Newcastle United fans have been urged to boycott the club until Mike Ashley leaves - as he’s ‘taking the mickey’ out of them.

That’s the view of TV presenter Richard Keys, who says Toon owner Ashley is ‘killing’ the club.

Richard Keys

Richard Keys

Writing in his blog, former Sky Sports anchor man Keys - now working for Bein Sports - says Ashley has been a disaster for the Magpies, and it is now time for fans to act.

“Ashley and his acolytes are killing the club,” he wrote. “It’s dying. It’s desperate.

“Newcastle don’t have the debt problem they once did, but other than clearing that - and now earning good money out of the club - Ashley’s ownership has been a disaster, right up to the present day.

“At Palace at the weekend the Toon Army were signing ‘we’re s**t and we’re sick of it’. These are good people. They follow their team no matter what. They complain about Ashley but still go.

“My advice? Don’t go guys. Don’t go anymore. It’s short term pain for long term gain. I know it’s likely to be tough, but don’t go.

“It’s the only way let let Ashley know he’s not wanted. He’s taking the mickey out of you - playing with your blind loyalty.

“Stay loyal to your team, but let him know enough is enough.

“My message to Mike Ashley is this - go. Go now while there’s just enough life in the corpse for someone else to try and revive it. Get out of Toon. Now.”

Keys also claims he had a conversation with Ashley about appointing Alan Shearer as manager, and that after the Newcastle legend failed to save the club from relegation, Ashley didn’t want to make Shearer permanent boss as he was ‘too big a personality’.

“He wanted him out of the club,” added Keys. “Alan was too big a personality for Ashley to deal with. His popularity was always going to be an issue.”

Keys also claims that Michael Owen ‘badly let down’ Shearer in the season Newcastle were relegated.