Shots and Giggles: Forget captain’s email – ditch Fabricio Coloccini and bring in a real leader

Fabricio Coloccini
Fabricio Coloccini

The worst one yet.

Heartless and gutless; the two words that sum Saturday’s team “performance” up perfectly.

As I approached St James’s Park on a cold and bleak Saturday afternoon with expectations of a half decent game in store with both teams attacking back and forth, little did I know that Newcastle’s display would match up perfectly with the weather.

A bitter and numbing 90 minutes for the fans to endure, yet again.

From the very top to bottom, the club is lacking any kind of self-belief, pride or ambition despite what the voices around St James’s Park tell us all.

Time after time we see the team concede a goal and the crumble begins, our captain rooted to the six yard box; hands on his hips with his head buried firmly in the turf.

Where is the passion? Where is the anger at conceding a goal? Where is the determination to rally the team and progress, grabbing the game by the scruff of its neck?

Well, it isn’t there, we can all see that. There isn’t anything there at all, nothing.

This team quite simply has no character, no leadership and no pride.

No one can argue against Leicester deserving the win, but the thing that we can be annoyed with is the embarrassing display, the worst one of the season so far in my opinion.

Now the January transfer window is just around the corner and it’s crucial that a strong-minded leader is brought into the squad.

Do this current team even care? It seems pretty obvious that our want-away captain, Fabricio Coloccini, doesn’t.

It doesn’t matter how many letters or emails he sends, he has to display his “leadership” skills on the field, as well as off it.

It’s something which we have lacked for a long, long time now.

Next up is Alan Pardew’s Crystal Palace, bringing along with him Yohan Cabaye, the type of player that we need right now.

I don’t think I can deal with Pardew’s smug face anytime soon – especially if he’s victorious.