Sunderland and Newcastle's staggering Premier League wage bills revealed - but where do they rank among the big spenders?

It's often been suggested that the formation of the Premier ushered in an era of big spending - and these figures certainly suggest so.

Wednesday, 20th February 2019, 1:24 pm
Updated Wednesday, 20th February 2019, 1:37 pm
Sunderland and Newcastle's staggering Premier League wage bills have been revealed

The data analysts at Bet Victor have calculated - based on data from Companies House - the amount that every top flight club has spent on wages since the league's formation in 1992. There are some staggering expenditures, with Sunderland and Newcastle both ranking highly in the wage bill table. But where exactly do they finish? Scroll down and click through the pages to see where the two North East sides rank among the Premier League's big spenders:

Chelsea are the Premier Leagues big spenders, having shelled-out 2,673,817,668 pounds on wages since the league's formation.
The Red Devils are not far behind Chelsea, having spent 2,486,291,000 pounds on wage payments since 1992.

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The Gunners wage expenditure is the third-highest in Premier League history, amounting to 2,048,048,509 pounds.
The Reds have spent 2,009,703,000 pounds on wages since the Premier Leagues start in 1992.
Perhaps surprisingly, Manchester City only rank fifth in Premier League history - with their wage expenditure totalling 1,956,730,753 pounds.
There is then a big game to Spurs, who have spent 1,245,496,000 pounds on wages since 1992.
Top flight mainstays for many years, Villa spent 993,541,540 pounds on wages during their time in the Premier League.
It is no surprise to see the Toffees near the top of this list given their ever-present status in the Premier League - and they have spent 985,435,201 pounds on wages.
The Magpies have spent 983,138,000 pounds on wages during their time in the Premier League
The Hammers total Premier League wage bill comes to 848,182,700 pounds.
The Black Cats have spent less than their local rivals Newcastle, shelling out 743,062,429 pounds on wages in the Premier League.