The 7 new rule changes coming to the Premier League next season

Seven new rules will come in force in the Premier League next season - here, we outline and explain them for you.

By James Copley
Thursday, 23 May, 2019, 10:09
Here are the seven Premier League rule changes to keep an eye out for next season.

Scroll down and click through the pages to see the rule changes.

Goals scored directly from the hand (even if accidental) and a player creating a goal-scoring opportunity after having gained control of the ball using hands (even if accidental) will no longer be allowed
Touching of the goal frame and movement are all banned, and one part of boot must be touching the goal-line when penalty is taken, no standing behind the line.

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As of next season, the last team to touch the ball will be given it back by the opposition, so drop balls are set to become a thing of the past.
A goal-kick is in play from the moment the ball is kicked even when the ball is still in the box, which wasn't previously the case.
A player can be booked for their celebration even if the goal is disallowed.
In order to combat time-wasting, players will have to leave the pitch at the nearest point to them.