The Mitrovic debate: 11 things Newcastle fans said about his non-appearance against Bournemouth

Joselu and Mitrovic
Joselu and Mitrovic

Aleksandar Mitrovic continues to divide opinion among Newcastle United fans after he was again snubbed by Rafa Benitez.

The Serbian striker was recalled to the matchday squad against Bournemouth yesterday, but didn't make it off the bench despite Newcastle again looking toothless in attack.

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After a second successive 1-0 defeat, fans took to Twitter to have their say on the Mitrovic debate. Here's a selection of comments:

@tjrobbo13: Help me out here!! What has Mitro done to deserve a slot in the starting 11? Baffles me how everyone thinks he's some kind of god... #NUFC

@venison_barry: NUFC fans shouting 'Mitro Mitro' during game yesterday should hang their heads in shame. Embarrassing. #nufc

@Casperlee31: Still in a rage over yesterday - Rafa got it wrong with the Perez sub - sometimes you need to take a risk #mitro deserves a chance #NUFC

@alanofthenorth: Clear weaknesses with #nufc yesterday. But 1 dodgy offside call and everything is different. Not the time to boo/ call for Mitro/ lose mind

@El_MagoNUFC: It’s obvious Rafa needs to trust a player before he starts them, he obviously doesn’t trust Mitro to control his radge yet #NUFC

@cmann0227: Fans shouting for mitro today are so blinded! I am not a joselu fan as such n believe gayle should be better but in rafa I trust #nufc

@jonnygrant31: why the mitro love in??? Done nowt apart from show a terrible lack of self control / discipline! What am I missing???

@nufcUNITE: People complaining about Mitro not coming on. I agree, however I'm sure 2 injury forced subs had something to do with it... #NUFC

@JamesFenwick90: The way our fans talk of Mitro he's better then Messi. Aye he should be given a chance but hes not exactly done much to deserve it. #nufc

@Hope541: Am I the only one who doesn't get all this Mitro love in. I honestly can't see what difference he would have made had he come on. #NUFC

@NUFC_Scotty: If ever a game was crying out for Mitro that was it! Why Rafa couldn't see that completely mystifies me! #nufc