Newcastle United finished 12th in the Premier League this season. (Photo by Scott Heppell - Pool/Getty Images)

This is the staggering estimated amount Newcastle United, Leeds and Aston Villa earned from the Premier League this season

Newcastle United’s 2020/21 Premier League campaign is over – but just how much money do they stand to pocket from it?

Tuesday, 25th May 2021, 4:54 pm

Figures from Nick Harris (@sportingintel) estimates the amount the Magpies and their rivals are set to receive from Premier League central funds and prize money.

Clubs receive more money the higher up the table they finish – Steve Bruce’s side finished 12th – plus a larger ‘facility fee’ the more often they are shown live on TV in the United Kingdom.

Under the Sky Sports and BT Sport TV deals, 200 of the 380 games this season were due to be shown live in the UK.

All 380 games were broadcast due to the pandemic but the facility fees are still calculated on the 200 games the broadcasters would have shown in a normal season.

That said, clubs are also required to pay some money back to broadcasters, i.e a rebate, due to the Covid-19 disruption during the 2019-20 season. The more a clubs earn in Premier League money, the higher the rebate.

The estimated figures are based on methods of previous seasons – check out to see how Newcastle compared to their top-flight counterparts:

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